January 13 , 2021

New Business Cooperation between ClearDrive Tech and Shenghuabo Group


Following closely on the heels of the launch of the innovative ClearBlade™ technology, ClearDrive Tech has now entered into a business cooperation with Shenghuabo (SHB) Group. SHB Group is the largest private windshield wiper system manufacturer in China with a 30% market share and has quickly emerged as one of the top global competitors in the market. SHB is also one of the top seven seat motor suppliers globally.

ClearDrive Tech is pleased to announce that in combination with SHB’s system level components ClearDrive Tech is now capable of offering its ClearBlade™ technology in a complete wiper system package.

ClearDrive Tech is a joint venture between iPortfolio Group and Padmini VNA Mechatronics. The patented ClearBlade™ system sets new standards of safety and performance, and provides forward-thinking advantages that are found nowhere else.

The ClearBlade™ is an innovative and cost-effective wiper blade technology which delivers wiper fluid through a row of outlets between two rubber blades on the wiper assembly. The wiper fluid exits from the bottom of the wiper removing the visibility hazard of the spray blocking the driver’s vision.

The fluid is accurately applied across the entire wiper maximizing the cleaning while reducing the fluid use. The technology delivers superb clarity as it eliminates wiper fluid glare, improves visibility, and makes driving safer.

The technology has a significant patent portfolio including both granted and pending patents in the US and all major international markets.

Many auto accidents are the result of dirty windshields and poor visibility. The ClearBlade™ addresses long- standing problems with innovations that reduce hazards, improve efficiencies, and boost customer satisfaction. It is the right solution for right now.

The ClearBlade™ | See better. Drive better. Be safer.

MEDIA CONTACT: info@cleardrivetech.com